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Hey, Busy Mama!

Congratulations on living life full out… for yourself, your family and your community. You’re the glue that holds the world together, starting with your little corner.

As a mama, with three young kids involved with all the things, I had no time to be sidelined. No desire to blindly follow conventional wisdom and suffer from the side effects. No patience for the message that this was out of my control.

I had no time for that nonsense.

I had too much living to do and impact to make. 

And my kids needed my full energy. Full attention. Full joy.

The journey took me down a path of holistic nutrition, natural solutions and self care that I never would have imagined. The result is the work I do with women today.

Starting Monday, in less than an hour each day I’ll be taking a deep dive into the three step process I use to support my clients… Be Wise. Be Well. Be Resilient.

Mamas often enter just like I was… skeptical, confused, anxious and overwhelmed. What they say when they leave is that they feel HOPEFUL. CONFIDENT. POWERFUL. 

If you’re ready to work together to create solutions that fit your life, join us starting THIS MONDAY for the 5 Day Accelerator.  

It’s more important than ever to feel clarity and confidence about your health.


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Are you ready to take charge?

You’re the only one who has the ability to design your health journey. You’re the only one who can notice, experiment… connect the dots. Sure, there are lots of professionals out there with expertise that might help you along the way, but you’re the only one who can put it all together and design your journey.

You see, most of us don’t do this proactively. Most of us sit around hoping that none of these things... illness, disease... fall from the sky and impact our lives. We think about disease (and our ability to overcome it) as something that suddenly happens vs. something that builds over time.

In Autoimmune Answers we support you in connecting the dots on your health story, unpacking the phrase “diet and lifestyle” so that you can understand the impact that so many things have on your health.

From there, we support you in putting it all together so that you can determine your next steps and have more meaningful conversations with your health care team.

Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Naylor.

I'll be leading Autoimmune Answers: A 5 Day Challenge for Wise Women Seeking Abundant Solutions.

Over the last 15 years I've helped women find clarity and confidence about their health as they discovered diet, lifestyle and natural solutions. 

I have a clear view of the big picture because I’ve been there… crawling through the muck trying to make sense of health challenges personally, as a wife and mom and as a doctoral student digging through the research. And as a practitioner in private practice for 15 years.

Along the way, I've earned a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition, an advanced certification in Intrinsic Coaching and a certification in Aroma Freedom Technique.

I look forward to working with you to find your answers.

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